Donation to Save Them Young Orphanage, Ghana

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About This Project

We donated children’s clothes, toys, bibles and food to “Save Them Young “ orphanage in Ghana. It’s always a joy and a privilege to be sent out by Devotion Church and partners like you, to enable us to share the Love of Christ to the orphanages across Africa. The joy and the excited in the orphans cannot be expressed in words.


We spent quality time with the kids, empowered them, prayed and played with them. We extended fatherly and motherly love to them, and took the time to listen to their needs, aspirations, and encouraged them to go for their dreams. We are very impressed to always find out through this project the children become inspired and begin to realise their dreams and aspirations for the future. We notice big differences in their developments with a positive mindset to life. Many of this kids want to be great leaders in society and we do believe that with your help we can achieve more for these children.

During our visits we also spent time in speaking with the carers and teachers to fully understand their needs, so we can help by equipping them with the tools needed to provide for the children. We usually find babies and toddlers in the orphanage, caring for these age group can prove to be very stressful, emotional and hard work for the carers and teachers at most times.

We are looking to do more by improving the food, water and drinks in the children diets and also helping with Salaries of the carers and teachers. Much clothes, toiletries, first aid and financial support for the children at this point will be very helpful. We are encouraged for your Love, Support and your Giving.