Donation to Widows in Akosombo, Ghana

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About This Project

We met with some local ladies, gentlemen, a district officer and a Pastor in the little village near Akosombo in Ghana. They helped to organize the widows and their children for us to donate the clothes and food to them.


It was great and inspiring to have been able to distribute the clothes to those that are in need. Also to have the opportunity to empower them through the Word of God to take their places in life. The people in the village are always appreciative for the donation of Love, for the empowerment and the clothes to them.


We empowered them with entrepreneurship workshops, which took place under the trees and on the parks, where we could find shelter. We motivated them to take up their places in the market place through starting up small business in their villages, towns and cities.


We would love to do more by providing small start up loans and Grants, also to provide adult education and other entrepreneurship, training to the widows and widowers in the villages to bring peace and prosperity to the region.


We want to thank you for helping us to fulfill this mission by giving